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The Perfect Fromage Board


By: Candice Kumai

Thinking of a sunshine-filled summer rooftop entertainment with your friends and family this weekend? Whether you’re relaxing on a rooftop, in a living room, or in your backyard; the most important thing is to keep it simple! Don’t stress over what to prepare for your guests. All you need is a classy, gorgeous, and scrumptious cheese board. Watch my video below for some great cheese board ideas, from my talented friends at Cheeses of Europe! I explain the quality, types, and flavors I look for in each cheese, plus my methods for how I love to style my cheese board. After all, cheese boards are artistic centerpieces to the entertaining table!

Summer entertaining is absolutely perfect with a fabulous French cheese board, and it is such a tasty and classy crowd-pleaser. Relax this weekend and indulge!

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