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Pinch Yourself

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I still vividly remember the day I moved to NYC - with one suitcase + my big heart.

I had a few amazing friends + a big dream.

By: Candice Kumai

 I still vividly remember the day I moved to NYC – with one suitcase + my big heart. I had a few amazing friends + a big dream. That’s all it took. My parents didn’t want me to “cook for a living”. I never had a 9-5, I ran my own small biz. I fought to get my name on the roster, Meredith Sherwood, my OG NYC girlfriend, you taught me that. I never got my own cooking show. I was handed nothing. 

Now, I’m working with the ill-est in the biz. Speak not of what you wish you could do, don’t daydream too long, start taking action to live + play your best game, now.

Last night, I spoke at Nike’s Pro Tips series with @nikenyc. Being given the opportunity to spread inspiration, knowledge +  motivation is a gift and an honour. Whether it’s sharing a smoothie recipe or speaking out my struggles coming up in Brooklyn, just five years ago. I genuinely strive to positively impact others’ lives through inspiration, motivation, originality, creativity and grace. I am so grateful for those who believe in my work, and I believe in all of you! Thank you to those who attended – I can’t wait til next time.

Pinch Yourself: Because I can’t fucking believe we are here.  #startedfromthebottom 🙏🏼👊🏼 

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