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purpose 生き甲斐

Inspiration > Kaizen

I was recently asked in a magazine interview, what my work and life's calling is, in Japanese we call this your "ikigai" your life's purpose.

What was once cloudy to me, is now clear, and I simply focus on doing my best work for you.

By: Candice Kumai

I take great pride in creating original content, sharing my Japanese-American heritage + traditions. Teaching you how to cook, why you should eat more plants + real food. + How my Japanese upbringing can inspire you to live a wildly imaginative and bright life. It’s not a side hustle, it’s a full time, all-day lifestyle. I’m proud to live it. Never did it for $$, don’t wanna be famous… + you’ll only see me write/develop original work.

Cooking Japanese was always my first true love. Mom and dad came from completely different places, but they took sis and I to Japan when I was in kindergarten. I never forgot that trip. On a rare occasion where I get to call mom, I got to tell her thank you, for taking us back home when I was so young. I can still see Japan through those eyes, and how it all comes through my writing, my books, my speaking… it is not for followers or instagram or for any other reason…it is to share my heritage + to be of great use to each of you + make you smile! To help to share Japan + the US + create a bridge.

It’s okay if you don’t know what your purpose “ikigai” is… it took me 30 years to figure mine out. I used to be teased for simply being different, for being Japanese American..and you know what, I was just being myself. I didn’t want to be like everyone else. I never did, and still don’t. I’m a big geek and I wouldn’t do it any other way. You really couldn’t change me if you tried hard. I know exactly who I am and I know where I am going. I like who I am.

My job, now, is more important than ever. Bridging the gap between Japanese tradition & the decline in American health. I proudly take on this role & own this as my life’s ikigai. Hopefully, mg life’s legacy. I take ownership for my actions, my beliefs and my writing/content. It’s not a small role to play. I certainly didn’t choose this job. I’ve stayed very original + honest my whole career for a reason, because I’m not a follower, I am a creative artist, inspired by travel, heritage, my past experiences + my family/friends. Book #6 the most magical✨✨ homecoming book of all + I’ll be shooting it all week long! Yesterday was shoot day 1 and I couldn’t be more excited. 

Be the light others wish to seek and pursue your passion whole heartedly or not at all. Do it well, practice, be humbled, stop comparing. Stay true to who you are inside of that big heart. You’ll find all the magic inside of you.


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