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Resilient & Simple Japanese Beauty Hacks

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After studying my beloved Japanese heritage over the past decade, I was always in awe of their beautiful skin, their naturally thin physiques and their ability to stay resilient and calm in any time of turmoil or stress.

Here are 5+ free and simple ways you can be more like the Japanese in your daily approach. Perhaps you will find more balance, clarity and be even more beautiful as a result. Beauty is an inside job.


By: Candice Kumai

Drink More Green Tea: From the morning hours until about mid-afternoon, most women prefer drinking high-quality loose leaf Japanese green tea for its anti-aging benefits, like antioxidants, polyphenols and catechins. Ditch the soda and the frap-crap forever! Green tea can also keep you as calm and zen as ever, with its natural L-theanine properties. Enjoy a roasted brown rice tea called, genmaicha or just try some high-quality loose leaf green tea, aka sencha next time you’re in the Japanese market. Note: The Japanese do not add any sweeteners to their teas. It’s almost insulting to add sugar to the perfected green tea leaves, so just say NO to any sugar. Enjoy the clean and robust taste of tea, as it is.

Stay OUT of the Sun: This seems so simple, but for us Cali girls, I know the sun is a necessary thing. Keep in mind, after decades of sun-worshipping, you may want to consider that there’s truly no good reason to be out in the sun longer than 15 minutes a day. Unless you want those sun-spots and dare I say… wrinkles If you are really in need of the sun wear an organic, 15+ SPF sunblock, drink a ton of water, use a hat or even a sun umbrella as all of my female Japanese family members do. Don’t forget to use sunscreen on your neck and hands as well! You’ll age-proof your body if you just cover up.

Walk Everywhere: No cars needed. Just those beautiful, delicate legs with a sun-umbrella in hand.  My Japanese aunt also notes that you want to cover yourself up when you go outside- very important! So walk it, werk it and cover it up. Traditional Japanese women take public transit, they walk to the store to shop, they walk for groceries, errands and for visits with friends and they walk home after meals and being out.

Onsen Like a Goddess: Onsen, a naturally, mineral-packed Japanese hot-spring bath (uses no chemicals and no soap): Onsen is another secret to delicate skin and relaxation. The Japanese love relaxing in public bath houses (naked! I love it!) It’s been said that the rich mineral water from the onsen helps to soothe and soften skin. You’ll feel so refreshed and relaxed after this amazing hot bath. Check out my Mom’s hometown, Beppu, for more onsen deets. Every time I visit, I check out a new onsen spot & feel amazing after each dip!

Eat Smaller Plates with More Variety & Color: Traditional Japanese plates are small in size, helping to plate a wide variety of colorful food.  The term “moritsuke” refers to eating with these small, beautiful plates. Be sure to go for a variety of healthy fermented pickles, greens, hot rice, steamed kabocha squash, umeboshi plums, daikon pickles, protein like tofu, natto or adzuki beans, miso soup etc when eating like you are Japanese. Enjoying a variety of delicate and colorful foods are what keeps the Japanese going!

Tomodachi Love: Japanese women love visiting their friends for tea and a treat! So be sure to do as the Japanese do, meet your girls for a delicious green tea and a small mochi cake/bite. Enjoy social time, away from your tech/phones/computer/tv/Fitbit. Spend some OG people-time together- it will keep you more grounded, whole and will give you a better perspective on life.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about yo. Keepin’ it real.

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