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Running Kyūshū 九州


By: Candice Kumai

Running Kyūshū, Mom’s hometown park. Mom snapped this pic for me in the pouring rain. During my run I have these deep thoughts, bursts of creativity, crazy ideas and sometimes painful reflection…. thank God for this trip, for I learned a great deal, gained knowledge, humbled my ego and gained more self awareness🏼all among the cherry blossoms.

“I’ve learned in my life, that not everyone is able to love the same. Not everyone will have empathy or love for others. Many people are selfish, living only for themselves.

I’ve learned that anger is actually not a feeling, it is a reaction, a form of protection and it is not forever nor is it healthy. I’ve learned to let the reigns go. I’m not even in control, I’ve now learned, I never have been.

I’ve learned I didn’t choose this job, it was an insane calling.

I’ve learned to be grateful that I can love so deeply, that I care so much, I’d be willing to take the pain for others.

I’ve learned that my playing small will not serve the world. When you are called to do something, do it well, or not at all.

I’ve learned that honesty is the only way to live & to simply step away from anything that doesn’t make me feel good.

I hope and pray that this new book can serve you, as I redirect my sails into the wind, as I cry my tears in Japan, as I share my life’s story, my heritage, my calling… One must remember in some small reminder, my heart whispered to me the other day, “don’t forget where you came from. Honour thy heritage.”

—Thoughts from my next book on paper on a flight at the Oita, Kyūshū airport, April 11, 2017 @adidaswomen @adidas @adidasrunning @stellamccartney

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