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self love is a life long process


By: Candice Kumai

s e l f l o v e  is  a  l i f e  l o n g  p r o c e s s

with my girls @IamWellandGood @Reebok
I’ve been studying + reporting on wellness for over a decade of deep practice. Our research consistently shows these three simple tips can benefit your self-love practice + your big beautiful💛heart.

1- Forest Bathe: “Shin Rin Yoku” a national pastime in my ancestral home, Japan. Be one with nature and the water, observe more + inhale oxygen + fresh air. Flow. We learn to be patient + calm from nature.

2- Sleep. Duh. Especially because you work so hard, this is absolutely essential to your brain health, moods + memory aka longevity game.

3- Mindfulness: But, how to practice it? This will be your lifelong practice & it will not be easy. Wellness & being still + mindful is serious tough work… I’m still working on this everyday….Be patient + be kind to yourself. With time you can learn how to be a more gracious//selfless person + at same time grow your big heart.


Click here for my full story on Well + Good. 

You don’t have to be perfect at wellness, you just have to give it a try xx 💋 ck . #iamwellandgood #ad 📸 by the great Tim Gibson my sis! @jennagibson211 💕

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