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Get smarter+richer+thinner. DIY.

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

Want that new apartment with a view, or that Michael Kors bag that you have been drooling over? The fabulous luxury of affording your hair+nails+yoga+gym membership? Simple solution: Take your lunch to work, friends!

There are a few simple and easy tricks that can get you saving up to:

MEGA SAVE: Approx $1,600 a year! (that’s rent my friends!)

CALORIE SAVE: Saving approx 400 calories a lunch daily! That’s 2,000 calories in a work week!

FAT SAVE: Saving 400 calories daily for lunch equates to approximately 30 pounds of fat annually! That’s a heck of a lot of fat saved, girl!

GLAD TO PACK: Get smart and pack a single lunch (or individuals for the family) to work/school the night before and when you use your new Glad to Go containers, (coming Sept 1st!) They have a 1.5 oz mini cup that locks securely into the lid for dressings, sauces, marinades, dips, you name it! So you can carry your lunch w/ ease and confidence! They will save you on calories and cash! Serious!

GET SMART + PACK: Leftovers from the dinner before, or re-vamp them into a new fabulous lunch! Throw some chicken into a wrap with roasted red bell peppers, arugula and avocado. Get some fish into tacos! Add some cabbage, lime and Greek yogurt and voila! Lunch!

SNACK SMART + PACK: Sliced up veggies + crudite (for fancy people!) with some hummus, Greek yogurt dip or tzatziki dip! Save on cash and stay away from the evil vending machines!

Photo by Monica J

SERIOUSLY SAVE!: Serious inches on your waist, dinero in the bank and a piece of mind knowing you are consuming healthier, fresher and better options for you + your family! It’s all about you living your best life!

I urge you to get smart honey! Research, learn, think and thrive! Truly be aware of what you are consuming, and as I always say, invest in yourself and your health! xx ♥ck

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