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Sharing What Matters



By: Candice Kumai

After writing numerous books, contributing for every mag under the sun and working in television/media for the past decade, I’ve had the honor to meet some of the greatest in the biz. And just this past week we began discussing what matters most. What we share, matters.

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve turned to writing about what’s really going on in my life these past few months. Basically, I’m not perfect. Just a few years back, publicists told me it was not a good idea to tweet about how a Keane song can bring tears to my eyes in about 10 seconds. Ha. Well, that’s totally true. Keane, that bastard, he opens up that heart like nobody else.

But truly, am I supposed to be a perfect robot? Am I supposed to hide when my life has currently been through a storm? Without a doubt, I’m the most imperfect person I know, but then again, all of my friends would say the same about themselves. My friends are real women,  some whom I’ve known since elementary school, junior high, high school and college. It was always important for me to stay close to the people who know me best and who love me for all my faults. In fact, we celebrate all that stuff! The struggles, the PMS moods, the days of not fitting into our skinny jeans, the worst day at work, oh and all of our High School & College days, we celebrate ALL of that, (that’s what made you into who you are today!). It’s super healthy to know that you are a perfectly-imperfect human and we all have baggage. Sharing with you my personal struggle, along with some anecdotes from my super-human Japanese Mom and wise friends- that’s what matters to me. Matters of the heart, that’s what’s always meant most to me.

Sure, I write cookbooks and I write about health and wellness, but truly, I’m only writing that because I care about your health and wellness. And if I have an authentic gift to share (cooking, food writing, nutrition, health, fitness, wellness, beauty tips, entertaining, life, experiences) I will share it.

I’ve consistently posted food for the past 10 years, so when the one post that I wrote a few years back: 30 Things I Wish I had Known Before I Turned 30 was so popular, it kind of blew me away. Like, read the signs, Candice. I had no idea how writing about my mishaps and my “I wish I wouldas” and all the idiotic men in my life, would be cathartic as well as inspiring, helpful and healing for others. Relatability is something that matters.

We are here together to share meaningful things. I mean sure, sometimes you’ve gotta read the damn tabloids just for fun. But when you can reach out to a friend and touch her heart when she is in need of a soulmate, that’s what matters. When you can only cry and feel pain and sadness, your true friends show up, and you know you’re not alone.

Sharing what is meaningful means sharing my stories. And perhaps, as a solo biz woman in NYC, who’s “made it” in the toughest city in the world, I guess I can start sharing some wisdom to all of you.

What Matters Most:

Family (be really good to them, love them.)

Friends (this includes amazing pets, be there for them.)


A Happy & Healthy Soul

Fulfillment, (a sense of feeling needed)


Being of Great Use In This Society

Goals, Getting Yourself to that Next Step — Independently!

A Focus on this Present Moment: The Power of Now

Being Authentic (Keep it real, masking shit & pretending to live a perfect life is seriously lame and everyone can see thru it.)

Treating Everyone with Love & Respect

Envisioning a Practical, Happy, Simplified Life (Don’t dream of boats and yachts, watches n’ shit that’s all gone when you leave) Invest in people, not in things.

Being Graceful, Grateful & Kind to others, “Be Kind Anyway” – Mother Teresa

Doing the Right Thing, 100% of the time

Doing Your Very Best (why put out crap, when you can spend time on something meaningful, beautiful and tremendous!)

You are an amazing, unique and special human. Take care of yourself, be good to others and note that The Universe and God take notes. Be grateful for everything that has happened so far in your life. You are so lucky to be where you are.

Now, go walk away and do something that matters. And I’ll promise to keep writing about what matters most. Matters of the heart.

“In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.” – Gautama Buddha


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