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Shiseido x Candice Kumai Official Page


By: Candice Kumai

Happy New Year Friends!

Thoughts on looking into 2024, the year of the Dragon: Go Big, use your superpowers, strength and keep up your good health! That’s where I come in. Today we share our official Shiseido x Candice Kumai page – which – for me- I had to take a moment to let it all sink in. A brand that my Grandmother and mother both use- I carry the torch and use myself now & can share more with this site. It may sound silly to some – a few years ago I was not strong, I was not in my best health and I did not use my superpowers – it was not long ago that I didn’t believe in myself. Depression and anxiety can get the best of us and it can be debilitating. So as we celebrate one more job well done – -I wrote, pitched, shot, propped,hosted, edited and promoted this: https://www.shiseido.com/us/en/candice-kumai-jbeauty/ project for almost three years+ and its time for us to stop playing so small and to get the strength of the dragon! 2024. This is your sign to go forward and go BIG.

All of those things I got made fun of as a child for: Being Japanese, the foods we ate, the culture we so proudly shared – these are all the things that I got picked on and looked at differently for. These are the same things that some networks and publishers also held against me – because I was not like everyone else; something marginalized voices cannot do – 1- we cannot change to fit into a mold 2- we cannot dim our light if we are destined to shine.

These will be the same things – being Japanese, the foods we ate and my beautiful culture – that bring us strength, uniqueness and solidarity in standing with marginalized individuals. The same things that have pained you- will end up paradoxically being the things that propel you into a new light. They are the lessons that are cast upon each of us to learn & when we heal, grow and learn to understand them — that’s when the magic happens.

The easiest way to move forward with the power of the dragon this year? Stick to the individuals that get you. Let go of the rest. Women like Jessie Dawes, Erin Kelly, Sophie Krakoff, Hayley Rayman.. and talented team members like Jordan Wilburn, Carlos Garcia DeDios, Robert Reyes, Meredith Sherwood, Nikki Olmos, Frank! Kenzie, Sean, my mom and sis – even my dad (lol go Shiseido for men, sensual!) they all had a big part in why we were able to have such a successful project. Truly it takes a village. Stick to the people that get you, love on you and make your life easy.

Simplify for Strength in 2024.
Eat more Nutritious foods.
Practice Kindness.
Open opportunities for others.
Be a good gatekeeper.
Love on others who do not look, pray or live like you.

Who knows maybe 2024 is really and finally THE year we have all been waiting for. I have a strange feeling about it. Until the next newsletter – please keep sharing the love and kindness xx like confetti xx HNY xx Candice

PS this extremely long note is brought to you for free by me and shohei locked away in the brooklyn snowstorm xx

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