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Clean Green Drinks

100+ Cleansing Drinks to Renew and Restore Your Mind & Body – With a push of a button your life is going to change. You’re going to sculpt your body, boost your health, and improve your whole outlook on life. And it will be easier and cleaner than you ever imagined.

Candice Kumai’s Clean Green Drinks is not just a recipe collection, but a guide to a leaner, happier, and more fulfilled you. Consider it the cleansing guide to perfect nutrition. With more than 100 perfectly balanced and tested drink recipes that can be ready in less than 5 minutes, Clean Green Drinks will help you strip away excess pounds as you strip away stress.

Proving her dedication to fresh, healthy eating, chef, cooking show host, cookbook author and dedicated health journalist Candice Kumai brings you an ideal plan for maximizing nutrients and telling hunger to peace out, for good!!

Remember, beauty always starts on the inside. Candice Kumai’s collection of gorgeously green, healthy, nutrition-fact checked drinks is guaranteed to leave you leaner, happier, and healthier for life. And it starts with the push of a button. What are you waiting for, gorgeous?