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Slow Food. So in… Fast Food? So not.

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By: Candice Kumai

Slow Food? May just be the biggest movement since we all decided to come together for the… wait?? Have we ever come together in the past decade to really get our government in line with what we feel is considered to be sustainable, local and absolutely delicious? Well lucky for us Slow Food Chapters across the US have already cultivated that soil for us.

The best way to describe the Slow Food Movement? “Slow food aims to be everything that fast food is not.” –  USA Today. Need I say more?

Join the good fight with me and Slow Food. It may just be the push that you need to help you get over the disgusting  fast food craze. I’ve never been a fan of fast food, so I do believe that the faint mockery/play-on fast food bashing here makes perfect sense.

Along those lines, we often speak about the rise of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer in this country. It’s not by accident, nor by random chance. It’s by choice.

These choices clearly make us aware that if we just simply continued to practice traditional farming/agriculture and cook the way our grandparents once did, we may not be in the predicament that we have trapped ourselves in today.

If you need a bit of a push towards this movement, try reading “In Defense of Food” by Michael Pollan. It may just change the way you look at food forever.

Sign up here to join the Slow Food Movement. And remember this there are two types of people in this world, people that “babble and talk, talk, talk” and people that take action and “do.” Which one are you? xxo ♥ck

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