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smart girls go everywhere

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By: Candice Kumai

girl on the go ⚡️+ those stems better than ever!
NYC X CA X TOKYO smart girls work everywhere
Happy Friday 💅🏼 sharing my best travel tips for the smart + well girl on the go:

1- @UrbanRemedy where have you been all my life? Fresh foods, avail for you in NY & CA, just like how I cook at home!? For reals.

2- Walk everywhere you possibly can, make heads turn and smile big, keep those stems moving! If you’ve got it, work it.

3- Eat fresh greens daily, have something fermented + enjoy your food when you eat every bite!

4- Take good care of that svelte figure + sharp mind, always schedule in a workout, even if its just a walk in the park.

5- Make time for everything and everyone that makes you feel like a mill, you are who you hang with.

6- Learn something new while working hard + traveling: read a new book, watch a TedTalk, museum gaze or meet up with someone who inspires you.

7-Get out of your comfort zone, work in new places, daily.. it is said that getting lost will help one to find themselves.

Love what you do + one another.
Smart girls go everywhere 💋💋💋 .

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