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So Why "Get With It?"

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

I’m often asked what this “get with it”, “keep it real” nonsense means??

Well, in a nutshell, I’m reaching out to you (my peers), communicating to you, the only way I know how..

About 4 years ago I made a large commitment to dedicating my entire life to bettering others. Although my current life is a far, distant cry from perfection, (who am I kidding? It’s kind of a hot, hot mess.) I knew from a very young age with ADD, all of the attention I got, being class vice president, a ruckus-fueling-ringleader, and most teachers either loving or hating me, to being the girl that could make instant best friends with the entire college campus at CSULB, being the youngest competitor on Top Chef, youngest host at HSN, youngest host on “Cook Yourself Thin”, and being part of a huge NY Times #1 best selling book at 26. I had to utilize this gift-of-gab, insane luck and ability to reach out to others in the most fitting way possible.

For 10+ years, I was a fit/print model. I knew how to balance, moderate, eat, not eat, say when, drink, splurge, grub or hold. It was like I already had all of these crazy secrets to share with everyone. And after culinary school and cooking in a bunch of high-end, fabulous restaurants, I got it. I figured out I was supposed to create balance, write and share my love of “keepin’-it-sexy” foods. Then I shared an amazing experience with over 20 women on Lifetime’s “Cook Yourself Thin” and over 30 American families on TLC’s “Home Made Simple.” Personally witnessing the difficulty, struggle, and battles of weight loss thru the eyes of American families across the nation; all I could think of was… “How can I help?”  How can we all help one another?

With a father who’s a busy nuclear auditor, (there are no mistakes allowed in that business), who donates his spare time teaching others to read, feeling the needy and donating more blood than a vampire could dream of, a multi-talented, highly-educated mother who moved to this country to help amend the ties between Japanese culture and American culture by doing the one thing she does best- teach- and a sister who graduated with honors at Berkeley, moved across the globe to Japan to teach others about American culture, then to London to create awareness about recycling and repurposing at the LCRN (London Community Recycling Network). Holy shit, I had a tall order to live up to. Especially because I was the bad kid too! I was screwed.

So this is why I chose to do what I know I could do best. Write recipes, teach cooking classes, share my love and knowledge of good, real, nutritious food! Not cardboard crap from a box that’s chemical laden and full of fillers and junk. I chose to keep it real. Hence my sayings, the way I talk, the styling and aesthetics I use in my book/blog they get your attention right? I can’t sugar-coat everything, but I can share all of my personal experience, research, and love to help keep you sexy. That’s sooo Stiletto Chef.

So join me, read, cook, get healthy and get with it people, it’s time for change. Change what you eat. Change because you are unhappy, change because you have one life, so live it well. Change because without it, how will you ever learn, grow, live or love? Change because with change comes progress. Progression can do all of us good.

xx ck

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