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Start Your Week Feeling Really, Really Good!

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

Hi Gorgeous!

This is your week to glow and shine! Instead of partying and gettin’ all debaucherous and gross on the weekends, I’ve made a choice to workout, eat fresh, cut all sugar, see all of my friends, and get good-ass sleep each weekend! Sure, of course, when it comes to those nights-out-to-toast, I’m all in! But 90% of the time, I’m on my 100 A+ game. You can be too, babes!

All it takes is some good sleep each night, an amazing feel-good yoga, bar method, gym, hike or running session (do what feels good for you!) in the am! A post-workout smoothie made with clean protein powder and fresh greens! Recharge your battery and get out there for a hike, a swim or get to a sick massage or jus chill in bed for a Girls or Shark Tank Marathon.  +Cook and clean on the weekends! It’s the perfect time to do a one-pot meal or a one-pan lasagna for the fam, more recipe inspo right here on CandiceKumai.com!

If you’re really lucky, your partner in crime will join you in this health escapade. Or you can call up a bestie or the whole posse for a Soul Cycle ride + Sunday brunch! I’ve called up my girls for a Sunday Soul + Brunch this weekend, can’t wait to share snaps with you!

In my opinion, Happy Hours, sugary drinks all night, processed eats, All-You-Can-stuff your face buffets and Super-Size Meals are over and SO dated.

Get off sugar, get fresh, get lean, feel really, really good! You know you’ve got this!

OMG, and PS I can’t wait to show you, my first cereal box debut with Kashi! This next month! I’ll try to get you a sneak peek on my Instagram! Hell yas!

Go crush your week’s work, workouts, get sleep, eat clean and do more of what feels amazing! You are so beautiful when you shine!

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