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Sustainable Eats That Keep Giving

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

Stop throwing your hard-earned cash in the trash! Here’s a list of tasty morsels you should be using, not trashing.

Beet tops/radish tops: Use in place of Swiss chard or spinach.

Broccoli stems: Taste amazing sliced into sticks for snacks,  used in stir-fries, or blanched and then added to pasta or salad.

Carrot and celery tops: Use in place of parsley; fab in a salad!

Chicken trimmings and roasted chicken bones: Save in your freezer for making chicken broth!

Citrus peels: After peeling an orange, save the peel and combine with water in a spray bottle for a natural cleanser.

Egg yolks: Turn them into a nutrient-rich hair serum! See my book Pretty Delicious for recipes!

Mushroom stems: Save for veggie broth, or finely chop to add texture to soup or stir-fry.

Olive brine or pickle liquid: Add a teaspoon to homemade tartar sauce or salad dressing.

Parmesan/Parmesan rinds: Simmer in soup or tomato sauce; discard the used rinds before serving.

Shrimp shells: Simmer with water (aromatics like onions, carrots, a bay leaf, black peppercorns, and herb sprigs add a nice flavor, too) for a fast shellfish broth to freeze and use instead of bottled clam juice in seafood pasta and risotto

Squeezed lemons: Chop them up and grind them in your garbage disposal to help fight odors!

Stems and twigs from fresh herbs: Tie together and hang them from your showerhead for an aroma-therapeutic shower.

Used coffee grounds and egg shells: These are super nutritious for your compost!


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