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t o l o v e


By: Candice Kumai

❤ t o   l o v e
The greatest lesson I took from NYC, learning of my capacity to love.
Your capacity to love is only as great as you allow it to grow.

Do more of what scares you, take bigger risks, love with your whole heart & don’t be afraid.

Your past is not what defines you. Look forward, it is your near future, that is looking open and bright. You can do anything on your own.
To love with abandon.

NYC, you showed me what I was made of, heart, truth, honour, love and grit. You showed me the very vulnerable side of me, I had yet to explore. You showed my me capacity to give, until I virtually ran out of contributions.
Sometimes, it takes that rock bottom, to lay your strongest foundation, to lay your pavement, to build again.
Being an independent girl in the city, honoring my family, representing the Japanese American + female entrepreneur + wellness/food communities…This was what you showed me I can do, gracefully. Even when being graceful was the hardest thing to do.

I am grateful, honoured & proud to represent my community.
Now, more than ever, I am more mindful, I live & love only in the present. I see in bright colors, I breathe deeper, I love, more.

I let go of any dead weight. Goodbye.
I am grateful to the ones, the friends who lifted me up when I fell. From Jr High to college + NYC @stephareen@jenellehamilton @molly.loven @cday6@livelikeitsthewknd @mollysandman@sajelejas @abfaden @courtscl @julessun@daniebunnie @sophsolow @alisongaga@andypompei @cwootton @_tinahuber_@kristenarnettbeauty @mathletedickie I never forgot. I take lots of notes as a writer.lol I love you guys.
Last Sunday in the city + so ready to let so much go.
6 years in this building + so many, many memories, but looking forward to the near, bright future! xxxx ❤❤❤ck

originally written September, 2017

from Wall Street x

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