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The 10 minute, Happy Herb Garden


By: Candice Kumai

How to build a ten-minute herb box!

Two years ago I packed all of my surfboards, gardening supplies and the sunny, good-life of Southern California away in hopes of  a much more career-oriented life in the concrete jungle of NYC. As my cookbook Pretty Delicious took me to new places I could only imagine, I came to NYC to pursue the dream of becoming a successful cookbook author/food writer… and maybe it’s manifesting it’s way to a reality?

With no access to a garden near my place in Midtown and a daily need for fresh herbs while cooking, recipe testing + food writing, I decided to turn to my windowsill and a ten minute herb box for all of my fresh herb needs! It’s as easy and a dump and stir recipe, except this recipe will only take you a delightful ten minutes! I think you will find it as gratifying as I do as well as –simple to maintain, extremely convenient and a delightful, green piece of décor to warm your kitchen as well! That’s what being fabulous is all about, sister.

#1 Supplies

– Seeds – Basil,  cilantro, mint, tarragon, oregano, sage rosemary, any herbs of your choice!

$1.00- $1.59 each

-Organic Choice Potting Mix/Soil

$ 4.28

Clay Pots/ Rectangular Pot

$10.00 -$12.00

Watering Tray – Grab an old plate, some sturdy foil or an old foil to-go box to save that excess water and re-use your everyday household items into new!


# 2 Assembly Process

1-   Place the organic potting soil into your pots of choice. Make sure to always use organic soil when planting any fruits, vegetables, herbs, any edibles; the chemical pesticides in some potting soils may be harmful  to your health. Keep the soil  slightly loose and fill approx ¾ of the way up.

2-   Sow each seed about 1” down and ¼” apart from one another, this prevents the roots from tangling as well.

3-   Follow each seed packet’s instructions as different herbs require different care.

4-   Water as needed, but never over-water, as this will kill your beautiful new herb garden from root-rott. Remember to use the rule of thumb! Place your thumb ½ “ into the soil and if it feels dry, then watering is needed. If moist, leave the herbs be as they will flourish with the proper amount of sunlight and herbs!

5-   Watch your sprouts and herbs begin to grow! Within a few weeks you should begin to see growth and remember to maintain proper water and sunlight for the duration of  the growth period!

Time : Approx 10 minutes! From start to finish!

Frugal and Fab!

This project will cost you approx $20.00 or less! You will save with the $1.00 seeds, and reusing a foil tray or an old plate as a drip/water tray. It will give you and your family months of enjoyment and fresh herbs in your own home every day!


I highly recommend planting easy to grow and maintain herbs for this kind of project. Herbs that easily flourish indoors and require minimal effort









Herb-loving recipes from Pretty Delicious!

-Pan Seared Scallops with Skinny Pesto Fettuccine  — Basil

– Watermelon Feta Basil salad with Balsamic Reduction — Basil

– Fresh Fuji Apple Crab cakes—cilantro

– Quinoa and Crab Stuffed Red Peppers—basil

– Lox on Pumpernickel – chives, dill

Enjoy, my fabulous friends! Remember this also makes a SWEET gift for any friend. Proving you DON’T have to deny yourself fresh herbs or an herb garden just because you live in a concrete jungle! xx♥ck

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