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The Best Cleanse Ever


Learn how to cut sugar and all the processed junk + feel really, really good this year!

By: Candice Kumai

Happy New Year, friends!

It is officially the brightest, most exciting + inspirational time of year. Welcome to JAN 2017.

I know so many of you are looking for a trusted + easy CLEANSE WEEK. So I’ve put together a brand new, clean eating plan for you on Well + Good… “The Best Cleanse, EVER“!

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Each day of the week we will post a new:
– Fresh Breakfast Smoothie
– Lean Lunch
– Clean Eats Dinner

This year, let me be your bestie in the kitchen, getting you off to the perfect start for your cleanest 2017 ever! I want you to feel healthy from my fermented eats, and feel super-charged from all the anti-inflammatory foods you’re about to cook on this amazing cleanse!

image kevin kim
While we all are completely tantalized by all of the mega-marketed packaged foods out there, it’s important to remember, “whole foods are always best.” As a professionally trained chef + leading wellness journalist, I’ve been studying their natural nutritional benefits. Whole foods are packed with super-food nutrition, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and natural protein that your body needs!

Yes! You’ll get to have dark chocolate + make creamy vegan mac ‘n’ cheese. You’ll drink delicious and satisfying smoothies that keep you feeling full and fresh. I’m excited for 2017 to be the year you finally try something new and get cooking! 

CLICK HERE for my 100% FREE CLEANSE: Here’s to the cleanest, freshest you in 2017.

If you have any questions during the cleanse!? Write to us on insta! @candicekumai

Check out my fresh new site launch + how to get off sugar, here! We will be posting all week on insta!

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+ JAN 17: Check out my FBook + IG Live on Well + Good 
+ FEB: events lined up in Miami + more in FL, stay tuned on IG

Go get it this 2017, its your year to GLOW + Please share this cleanse with a friend!

xx Candice Kumai

main image: Jack Jeffries

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