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the calling so epic


By: Candice Kumai

the calling so epic
it blows your mind

I’ve been studying with the monks in the mountains of 🇯🇵japan the past few weeks from Kōyasan to Shikoku: I cannot play small, it’s not how I’m wired:
life’s greatest takeaways from the monks:

1- we are all the same
2- observe more
3- be present for yourself
4- be present for others
5- ganbatte: always so your best
6- everyone is fighting a different battle; be kind + mindful of others
7- do all things with great love: even things like cleaning, serving others and praying for others can be an anthem to finding peace
8- when nobody is watching, ganbatte, always do your best
9- age isn’t important, when you take great care: ki yo tsukete, when you meditate, when you serve others, you age slower + more beautifully. ps Japanese facials are insanely amaze.
10- getting lost within the green trees, the mountains, the water, forest bathe, hike more, breathe in fresh oxygen, notice the the “komorebi”, the light between the trees, contemplate & find yourself.

This has been simultaneously the most epic & tough shoot run, it took me almost two years to develop the concept, but holy moly, it’s been worth it … guess what??? MOM is my next guest on the show, we meet her tomorrow, in her hometown island of Kyūshū, Japan 🇯🇵. 🙏🏼 inspire yourself to do something greater than you imagined, beyond your means, beyond measure. be brave. be original. yes— just be yourself
📷 by the one and only @badshield
xx ♥️ Ganbatte ne!

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