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the matcha cleanse


By: Candice Kumai

wave goodbye to any bad juju the this crazy year held for you. Time to remove anything from your life that doesn’t light you up, and fill those spaces with all of the GOOD! Good people, good travel, and most importantly good FOOD! If you’re looking for all the healthy eats inspiration, check out my best selling book Kintsugi Wellness. When you start flipping through the pages, you’ll be #inspired to do a 2019 grocery shopping overhaul to upgrade your kitchen…and your life.

…but maybe you’re looking to kickstart the New Year with a BANG!? I’ve got you covered, girl. My Matcha Cleanse is LIVE. 🍵 GET yours now and DON’T miss out!  This cleanse isn’t a diet, its two incredibly sexy + feel good weeks of cleaning things up from the inside out. This cleanse will do wonders for your body composition. You’ll feel light, tight, and juuuust right. Do I have your attention? Plus, if you’re looking to nourish your mind and body with the super-powers of matcha, download the Matcha Cleanse + Masterclass bundle to take your life to the next level! Find out how I kicked my coffee habit, upped my workout game, and transformed my mindset all with…you guessed it: MATCHA!

Until you get your hands on the downloads, start your week on the right food by tuning in and joining me on E! News for a 2019 Wellness Trends report. I’m going to share all my secrets to more common-sense ways of living that will transform your life.

See you on instagram @CandiceKumai and write to me anytime on my IG comments!! + write on what you want to hear more of on my podcast, wabi sabi! + please write a 5 star review asap! xxx See you back on E! asap xx


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