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The Tool That Can Change Your Life.

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

The Microplane!  She’s sleek, slim and can fit anywhere in that kitch of yours big or small! The best part about her… well… there’s so much where to start??

The Microplane can…..

– Grate perfect, “snow-like” parmesan, gruyere, pecorino, whatever you’d like cheese in just seconds. Keeping your waist slim and your food flavorful!

– Help you cut calories by adding a dusting of cheese to your favorite dishes and not gobs and gobs of dirty heavily processed cheeses for days! Get smart sister!

– Help add flavor to your dishes by simply zesting limes, lemons and oranges on to your pancakes, toast, crepes, pastas, salads, soups, bakes, deserts and treats! With no extra calories! It’s time to get clever!

– Help you grate fresh nutmeg, garlic, horseradish, dikon, ginger into any ol’ dish, like a pro! Now that’s getting the freshest benefits of all!

– Be your best friend in the kitch, she won’t cut you, burn you, scar you or talk back!

Overall, the Microplane is one of my absolute favorite cooking gadgets of ALL TIME! So snag her up here and have fun playing in the kitch! Happy, healthy cooking! xxo, ♥ck

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