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thoughts on the tiktok ban

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By: Candice Kumai

I’d like to take this moment to speak on behalf of professionals in media – First rule of being a professional in media – Don’t put all of your eggs into one work basket. Ever.

Get smart: Always use your full deck of cards. What does that mean? It’s all about having a safety net – giving yourself flexibility, options and the world as your oyster.

Take note: None of these social platforms are forever. Whether the ban moves forward or not – this was the universe’s way of warning you to get real professional & play your full deck like now: What can you do?
-Set up your professional website
-Create a Resume//CV with your professional work accolades
-Create a professional portfolio or deck with visuals on your brand//company
-Create a Professional Talent REEL – if you are on camera or wish to be
-Get a newsletter started and keep your audience informed on all updates, media, pr, latest
-Create an offering for free & don’t be a scummy scammer!
-Optional: A wordpress site, a podcast, a youtube channel
-Diversify your portfolio and your offerings regarding work, learn new skills
-Get Incorporated and start a viable business: it helps with organization, billing, taxes and ecommerce
-Keep professional: Don’t flaunt your lifestyle or how much money you make – these things may seem fun in the moment – in the long-run they are not a good look
-Offer free value to the world, build your newsletter subscriber base & remember likes and followers are not real life: who you are in real life and how kind you are in real life IS what matters.

Why? Because at the end of the day – whether this ban is here or not – you have to keep control of your brand, your company and your own future. Don’t hand it over to someone else – bc you won’t have control over your own destiny as you can see. And true professionals have multiple offerings & multiple jobs in their portfolio…especially after the battery dies.

Are you a true professional? Get on that –start doing the 20 years of work that so many of us already have – and remember I gave you your sign to keep it movin!

xx Candice

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