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Four Tips on How to Look Killer

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By: Candice Kumai

I suppose, since I’ve been wearing the same size since I was in my teens, I should spill my secrets to maintenance. For a decade I served as a model: fit/print/runway. There are certainly some killer tricks that we learned shared together as we practiced the good ol’ “lift and separate”. It was our livelihood at the time. As gravity and aging begins to work against us, we fight back. Here are some of my best and baddest:

Body Brushing: Body brushing is a simple and easy method that has been around for decades. It helps to aid in exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, aids in circulation, and helps to reduce the look of cellulite! And may help to reduce the appearance of varicose veins! That’s right sweetheart. Look for body brushes at your local Exhale Spa or at the Body Shop and always remember, brush dry, in the am, towards your heart.

Drink More Water: Hydrate. It’s that simple. 8-10 cups a day can help to keep your skin looking supple and gorgeous. Water is magic, and it’s free, so get some more into that beautiful bod of yours.

Exfoliate Like a Crazy Person: Make your own homemade scrub from a touch of brown sugar or sugar in the raw + coconut or almond oil, place into a small mason jar and use in the shower/bath daily.

The Bar Method: This is the ultimate secret killer to the perfect bum. I have been practicing this isometric exercise religiously for the past four years. I am adamant about maintenance and challenge in our lives. The Bar Method gives you a perfectly sculpted body, focusing on our waist, hips and butt! Check out The Bar Method: here, or download one of their videos here.

If you want a healthy and happy lifestyle, I insist you invest in your body and mind. It’s not about cellulite creams and bogus chemical-laden products. Get with the trend ladies, it’s time to create change. Enjoy. x ck


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