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Throw More Dinner Parties

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

In 2012, be the hostess with the mostess. Get with it and start entertaining with friends. Being DIY is IN. Plus you’ve got to learn to save on more cash + calories! Here’s the perfect recipe for a successful night in!

Setting the Scene:

It’s only going to take you a few extra plates, candles, and ¬†lighting and you’re off to the races. Extra flowers + candles are just a bonus… Keep it clean, simple and upbeat!


Be a good hostess and have plenty of vino to spare. Have some extra seltzer on hand so you can stretch those cocktails. And if you’re maxed on that budget? Go ahead and ask your friends to bring over a nice bottle of red or bubbly. After all, isn’t that what friends are for? Can’t afford uber nice stemware? Then opt for mason jars… It’s always been my go-to.. Here’s a box of a dozen for just $15 bucks. Get clever.


Plan ahead. Have your cheese board all ready–¬†go for a mix of cheese, nuts, dried fruits and fresh grapes/apples. Try a charcuterie platter with pickled radish and beets for a change-up. Make sure to prep salads ahead of time, make a meal that can go a long way + stretch that budget! Think Whole Roasted Herbed Chicken, one pot of Clams + Buttered Linguine in white wine sauce, a light Salmon and Quinoa Spinach Salad or a simple Roasted Fig + Prosciutto flatbread. Anything that screams simple and delicious is key.


Get the perfect Pandora station going, dim the lights, get some candles on the table and pour that vino. Nothing says fabulous like you + your amazing friends. Make them feel special, serve up a fabulous signature cocktail. Get out your best linens and your prettiest apron and as Young MC says.. “Bust it.”


Have a dessert idea ready to go before all of the cooking happens! You’ll have to cook many of these dishes a-la-minute so make sure to have that Flan chillin’ in the fridge or the fresh peach cobbler out of the oven to cool before cooking up a savory storm.

Parting Gifts

It’s always proper to have doggy bags ready for take-home, or a homemade cookie, jam, a bottle of elderflower cordial etc. So go the classy route and be a sweet hostess. You can even opt out for burning your favorite CD for the gang.. music, much like food, feeds the soul.

♥Have a happy, healthy and fabulous 2012. This is a year of DIY. xx♥♥ ck

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