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To a New Chapter

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By: Candice Kumai

For all of you incredible friends out there who have held my hand for over a decade and counting.. thank you. It’s time for a new chapter in my life. I have turned the page to a whole new world of endeavors. E!’s new food series, Playing with Fire  premiered this week, and honey, it’s just the beginning.

The show itself is SO beautifully shot, the cinematography alone is the absolute best in the business. New York, in its harsh and abrasive state, is diluted a bit, and lights-up the scenes, like magic. The cast is full of the hardest-working individuals in food, publishing, television, pastry and nightlife. They cover everything from Apples to Zuppe. All of our personal stories, our hearts, and our intent are weaved in between the intense, non-stop sleepless work weeks. The series has every element of drama, comedy, intensity, passion & damn, I never knew I was such a geek!

I cannot wait for you all to see not only how we live, work and play in the greatest city in the world, but also how our personal lives follow, too.

My introduction to the series will begin on episode 2 and if you follow along, you will find my scenes really build into those intense last episodes. I have finally found a place to open up. It was not easy, and I have to say, it might have been the hardest thing, to allow others into my very private life. But honey, without great risk, there is no reward.

And during the season, something magical happened! My parents agreed to shoot their very first scene with me after a decade of being in this industry. That was magic. They stole my heart. They will make their TV debut on this season of  Playing with Fire.  I hear their scene is truly so touching, bringing tears to the viewers’ eyes. For me, this was the most heart-felt part of my production process. It shows how proud they must truly be after seeing me struggle for a decade. They are my life.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for the years of support. My heart cannot find words, but merely feelings of empathy to say, thank you. And I mean it from every ounce of my soul.

My mother always says, “Don’t be nervous, be prepared.” And I have to channel my mother for the next 6 weeks as we share with you, our lives in NYC.

You have all prepared and supported me for this great moment.
And for that, I am grateful for each one of you.

With love, thanks and Godspeed to next Sunday night 3/24  10 pm on E!

You can also download the show here on iTunes.

xx Candice

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