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top 10 ways to s l a y g o a l s


By: Candice Kumai

In honor of this fresh new list of the top 20 new role models by @ariannahuff I’m sharing my TOP 10 Ways to Slay Goals List (+I’m still going)⚡️⚡️⚡️

1- authenticity:

ever since preschool I have always liked who I am. Funny, fun af, sincere, creative, confident w a side of vulnerability. No matter how many older chefs told me how to be/what to do, I always stayed my course. I was+ always will be, myself.

2-I tried not to complain:

So many of us millennials have a tough time w comparison and complaining of what we don’t have. I have tried my best to not complain. For it’s a very Japanese way of handling things. “Shikata ga nai”, it cannot be helped, so move on from it. Stop complaining + do something positive w your time.

3- honesty:

I’ve written for all the top magazines for 9+ years now, you’d never catch me being dishonest. I pass on any endorsement deal I don’t believe in. I won’t give you advice for click bait. I don’t work w fake people. If you want to be trusted be honest.

4- I share in a creative way:

It may be my recipes, food videos that have broke my bank, my well thought out content or one of my many books, I only share w you my stories so we can connect.

5- mom + dad are my role models:

I don’t care to be famous or rich. I love my mom + dad the most out of anyone in this world. My mom is a Japanese language teacher and my dad a Nuclear Auditor +they are my best friends.

6- s m a r t + s u p p o r t i v e friends:

I  support+love my closest friends w my whole heart. I will only choose to hang w people who make me feel good. I only roll w supportive + wise friends. Edit out anyone who doesn’t make you feel

7-k e e p  g o i n g:

many people will discourage you. Don’t listen to them, you’re the only one in control of your destiny. Be smart, be resilient + keep your goals in focus.

8- t r a v e l m o r e:

traveling has enabled my mind to stay open to new friends, perspectives, a clear mind. I’m able to be more creative + inspired.

9- I do my own thing:

I don’t care what everyone else is doing. I’ve always laid my own path+will continue to.

10-the best is yet to come:

I live w the notion that my best work, writing, successes, hottest man are yet to come

for the full list click here: Thrive Top 20 Role Models!

congrats to all on the list + may you continue to work hard, inspire, create and thrive xxx


originally written 10 27 17

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