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Vino: A Quick Guide to Wine!

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By: Candice Kumai

Wine is DELICIOUS, there is no doubt about that. Sometimes, all I want is a yummy glass of red at the end of a tough day to savor and enjoy with my dinner. It doesn’t have to be hard to pick out wine, either! It’s a great gift to take to a dinner party, and it’s nice to share with some girlfriends on a Saturday night with a tasty cheese board.

Today I will just be focusing on 4 of my Vino varieties. Sounds so basic right? Well, do you know the difference between Rioja, Tempranillo, Cabernet Franc or a Malbec, the regions in which they originated from or what sets these varieties apart? No worries, I’m going to help you out!

PINOT NOIR: With hints of cherries and grapes, you cannot go wrong with this choice. It’s one of my personal favorites and it’s very versatile for food pairing as well.  Hint: Look for labels from California (Napa or Central Coast) or Oregon for best value.

MALBEC: From Mendoza, Argentina, Malbec is the heartbeat of Argentina’s wine industry. This selection is bold and mysterious. With hints of deep plum, dark currants, blackberries, figs and even chocolate, this one is definitely a winner.

RIOJA: Spanish is just so sexy… why? Rioja is the only wine region in Spain that has the designation DOC (Denominación de Origen Calificada), which is the highest classification in Spain. The area is known for its rose-colored soil, and I have to admit, roses are just classically romantic. Some of the grape varieties used to make Rioja are Tempranillo (my favorite) – a delicate, berry flavor, Garnacha Tinta –  more on the peppery side, Graciano – hints of blackberry, and Mazuelo – a tannin.

CABERNET FRANC: One of the three main varieties in Bordeaux originally from the Western Loire Valley in France. It has been predominantly used as in blends for quite some time, until wine connoisseurs (particularly in North America)  realized that Cabernet Franc could stand alone.

Did I mention red vino contains resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant known for its anti-aging properties, and many also aid in the prevention of heart disease and lower cholesterol? Beauty in a bottle! There you go gorgeous!  xx♥ ck

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