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Wabi Sabi Podcast: Ep 12: 👯The Vitality of Friendship👯+ Your Ultimate Source of Success is in Your Heart ♥️

Wabi Sabi Podcast

By: Candice Kumai



It’s time to do the work bae, you ready? Because you know, I don’t play– It’s all real deal here + here’s the key on how I was able to survive my media and publishing career — and being thrown to the wolves. … it was always my friends.

Friends, how important are they to you? They’re vital to your survival and to your success in this one lifetime. Be good to them — don’t just tell — show them + show up.

  • Let’s talk about the ebb and flow of friendship- no, friendship is not found without flaws — friendship is the epitome of wabi sabi — its perfectly imperfect.
  • I’ve been crushed by some “friends” and some lovers over the years + I have moved on from them, with kintsugi and grace.
  • How we value one another, matters. Here’s what you can do in this week’s episode for one another:
  • Compassion, practice more compassion for one another, keep calm and cool.
  • Non-Judgement – we can all do the work on ourselves and judge less, try meditating, volunteering more + working in the service industry for others.
  • “Yuimaru” – your inner circle of friends in Japanese this is vital
  • Lifelong Friends, be good to them + show them, don’t tell, show up — be a good friend in real life.
  • Work Relationships, we can value them just as much as our life-long friends and friends IRL. Be good to those you work with
  • Support one another, sincerely
  • Listen to others, its free. We need more listeners + less noise

Love you + please pick up my book Kintsugi Wellness!

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My new book + podcast are being called the very new guidebook + podcast to healing + real-life, real-deal wellness. xxx ck

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