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Wabi Sabi Podcast: Episode 16: The Forbes Interview: How I Woke Up Next to Elon Musk

Wabi Sabi Podcast

By: Candice Kumai

So, I woke up next to Elon Musk Monday am on the cover of Forbes.com, woah, what a milestone for an Asian American girl!!!

Here’s a sneak peek into my full motivational interview for you: let this be your fire + allow me to pave the way with grace x

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⚡️Girls you can make it in a boys club & challenge them at their game with grace: Here’s a Sneak Peek into what I talk about in my Forbes interview + Waking up next to Elon Musk this am:

Forbes Interview Sneak Peek: August 27, 2018

“From the outside, Candice Kumai seems to have a perfect life. The professionally trained chef, former model, entrepreneur, podcast host, photographer and best-selling author of six books travels the world teaching her distinctive brand of Japanese-inspired wellness, while somehow still finding time for her daily cup of matcha. Talk about success.

However, Kumai’s no stranger to hardship. She has faced financial pangs, lost jobs, fought stereotypes against her heritage and suffered heartbreak—but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Like the ancient Japanese pottery technique her latest book (“Kintsugi Wellness”) is named for, in which an artisan repairs broken pottery by sealing the pieces together with gold lacquer, Kumai has learned to honor her whole self, flaws and all. It’s this celebration of the “perfectly imperfect” that grounds Kumai and keeps her relatable to her followers.

Here, Kumai shares how she’s paving the way for women in traditionally male-dominated industries, the secret wellness ingredients in her pantry and why ancient Japanese self-care rituals are more relevant than ever.” You sound like such a bad ass on the Wabi Sabi podcast—yet you aren’t afraid to get real and show your pain. How did you build the confidence to be so fiercely authentic?

Candice Kumai: I was raised by immigrant parents who weren’t afraid of hard work. They showed me that being an honest and humble person was always the best way. I’m humbled by their grace and tough love—[she’s a] Tiger Mom, for sure. They remind me to be a good person and work hard, stop complaining and take responsibility for my success. Having a sense of humor is essential, as well. We laugh so much.

When did you realize that your heritage and passion for traveling and wellness could become a business, with books, a website, a podcast, photography and so much more?

CK: I wrote so many basic cookbooks before I realized I was truly supposed to stand out. Being teased as: CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY

story by Joni Sweet

Click here to watch my full video on Grit + Humility in a boys club:

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