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Wabi Sabi Podcast: Episode 20: 👊How to REBUILD Your Life Now⚡: 🇯🇵 What I learned from an Atomic Bomb Survivor 🙏 Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi Podcast

By: Candice Kumai


Konbanwa from Kyoto! I’m out here shooting a health and wellness documentary in the motherland+ wanted to share with you parts of my studies here:

Here’s what we will learn about this week:

1-How to Rebuild your Life — what I learned from a Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Survivor, Mister Nishi teaches us a transitional and broken moment in history + how he overcame.

2- How to Rebuild your Whole Life + stop complaining + start moving it forward

3- Simple and actionable advice on how you also can overcome struggle – you are never alone

4- Think about your life, what can you learn from it? How can you grow? Growing is immeasurable — work through it! Give yourself the time — be gentle xx

5- Everyone is going through transition, learn that change is the only constant and adapt…. you have it good, trust me.

6- To Feel pain is to be tolerant — pain is growth. Kintsugi is going through it — kintsugi is the art of time, process, allowing and healing + you have got to do the work.

YOU are an honorable human being with light in this world, don’t forget this — all the feels and emotions are ok! Feel them!– We must look back and reflect and learn to grow tho, and heal …

7- On to the next one, bitches xx until next week, ganbatte kudasai! (please do your best) xx ck

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