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wabi sabi podcast: episode 4: overcoming depression + being real AF on mental health

Inspiration > Kaizen

By: Candice Kumai

Good morning sunshine!

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Ciao from Sardinia, Italia!! Bella!

I’ve been interviewing those who have lived through the war in Italy to those who work at a local monastery to the farmers produce olive oil on farms … while also recording a new podcast for you this week in our, Italia.
Today! I’ll talk about some tough stuff! + how you can better accept the dark times and sadness.

In order for the monks here in Ravello, Italy to pray, they acknowledge that dark places do exist & we can choose to do the same & make light from it.

Wabi sabi— life is not meant to be perfect.

It’s about accepting more, growing, choosing to be different — it can be so fulfilling, too.

Get ready for some fresh new reading & pods focused on mental well-being & choosing the path less taken.

xx ck

Some Actionable Ways to Help you Boost your Mental Health: 

  • the answer is being there for others
  • make no assumptions about other’s lives
  • learn more about what you can do to help mental health issues in your community
  • be real af, stop wearing a mask + pretending everything is perfect
  • Please call 1-800-273-TALK or Text CONNECT to 741741 —anytime you’re feeling alone. We all have ups and heavy downs, we all have sadness & darkness & it’s important for us to share we are only human. 1-800-273-TALK.
  • Get out there and find a job you love that helps others!
  • If you are in TV, media, modeling, publishing, the arts — I urge you, especially the executives and producers to please start changing the face of media— its so fake and contrived and not realistic.
  • let’s focus on media, publishing + programming that is positive + uplifts more!
  • less on drama, competition and tearing one another apart
  • less on violence and terror
  • eat a healthy and balanced – mostly plant-based diet

Remember to Practice: 

  • MORE on love, peace + the cultivation of better community
  • pray for others
  • exercise more
  • get some sunshine + get outside
  • tell others they mean so much to you! a sense of belonging and what to live for
  • YUIMARU – your inner circle is important
  • know that life for all is perfecty imperfect — #WabiSabi

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