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Wabi Sabi Podcast: Episode 8: SHOW don't TELL: ACTIONS that translate to REAL PROGRESS

Wabi Sabi Podcast

By: Candice Kumai


Today, let’s talk on the clear difference between selflessly “doing something” and selfishly “being someone”.

I’ve often thought of what I was taught when I was a kid growing up with a strict and tough Japanese mom — but she was also the most loving, devout + admired mom, too.

She and my father raised us by example and Jenni (my sister and I) later took what they showed us and all became a family of honor.

We will learn about how I am in the thick of the middle, a time of learning, struggle, financial pain, and balancing businesses from LA to NY — no this shit is not easy — but we do it bc we love it with honor.

– How the Japanese lost in the World Cup, they gave 110% — ganbatte! and they still bowed with honor to the crowd after barely losing 3-2.

– We learn of the Japanese people after the game, picking up their own trash + others after losing the match… they show– they do not tell.

– The Japanese term “gaman” with great resilience and honor

– We learn from my Father, when he was drafted into the military at 18, how he moved his life forward with honorable action and integrity — even though this was an uncertain time.

– We learn from dad, what he calls, “basics” it seems so many of us are losing: like how to properly email someone + how complaining is not the way you + to be a better team mate means to work together.

– Be on time, be prepped, do as you are told. Simple. Basic shit.

– We learn from Maya Angelou and Kendrick Lamar.

– We learn how we can be better, how we can focus on our own work and life’s calling – follow your calling — even if it is far too great of an ask — you will never be disappointed if you give it your all.

– We can see action is the way to success, not talk. Anyone can talk and blab all they want.. but my stack of books and magazine stories will still stand the test of time + I honor myself, my work and mostly, I honor, care and value you + my contributions to society and the world.

Why I care about you? Find out in Episode 8 + have a think about what it means to be more mindful, to show others, by action and to live an even badder and better life..

I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again — you do not have to do what everyone else is doing.

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its the perfect gift for self-love + acceptance, healing + humility! Listen now: Subscribe to my Podcast Here!xxx

Love and care for you, keep going babes, the middle is tough, but you are tougher!  xx ck

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