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what advice would you give your younger self?


By: Candice Kumai

I often get asked “what would you tell your younger self?”

this winter I was interviewed by @Airbnb Mag & here are 10 things I didn’t get to say:

1- I’ve had to take a seat at the table, the boys club table, many, many times …more often than not, my talent, allure + kindness is what won everyone over.. (leather pencil-skirts work, too🤣) but you don’t have to be a total B to get what you want.

2- date as many men as you’d like… this isn’t a race & great love takes time for those who have big plans… great love takes time for those who want to change the world.

3- listen to mom, she’s almost always right, but if she tells you a dream is too big, chase it until you can come back to her a decade later & say “I told you so.” That’s exactly what I did.

4- let go of the people who suck, ignore people who have bad, angry energy (you know who they are) & walk from anything with grace. even when it’s tough channel grace.

5- be a good person, be honest. Respect is what you should seek in a man’s world, they love that sh.

6- don’t spend all your money on dumb things — I am real good at that. I’m still learning.

7- travel as much, as far and as wide as possible, solo… you’ll learn so much about yourself

8- love deeply, love so much that you can never look back and say I wish.

9- give other women opportunity. always above all things, take notes and pay it forward. If you want to change the world, go out and start an organization, head to DC and change public policy, call your local office, volunteer with kids, join city council, start a movement. A rant on Facebook won’t get you anywhere, plus you look dumb.

10- in real life, you CAN do big things & you CAN be of powerful, lasting service to others… people never ever forget how you make them feel.. Make them feel like they’re the most special & most beautiful like ever. be sincere in all ways. try, attempt to leave this crazy place better.. contribute to the good, leave this place even more special & more beautiful than you once saw it. 🦄🌟✈️xxxx ck

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