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What am I Grateful For? Meet my Amazing Family!


By: Candice Kumai

What are you grateful for?
A very challenging and bumpy road has come upon many of us this season. Life is simply never perfect. Setbacks and challenges and times of reflection shape us into who we are supposed to be.

What we can look for in others is stability, support, and true love, and it is found in our friends and family. We can give the same back to others with no expectations. I am truly grateful for the unconditional love my family gives to me, for their support, and for their kind and altruistic hearts.

I adore and love-love-love my very best friends from elementary school, junior high and college. I keep and cultivate these long term relationships so we can build on trust, support, and love  together.

Together, we can spread more love and kindness, we can get through our setbacks, we can carry on. Hold one another this holiday, love one another and embrace life, together. The road may be bumpy, but it leads to greener pastures and sunshine, for all. Happy Thanksgiving friends, grateful for each of you!! Love you lots. xxxx Candice


Images: Meet My Super Amazing & Altruistic Family: My strong and active Dad on his 10th MS, 100 Mile Coast to Coast Charity Ride! + He volunteers at charitable organizations almost every day of the week. CONGRATS Dad!

My beautiful Japanese Mommy, (and school teacher) always lending me her wisdom & her cooking skills! As well as volunteering with programs to cultivate Japanese-American cultures.

My super-talented and gorgeous Sis, Jenni! She runs her own bike shop/ award-winnning charitable organization in London, hosts WAG nights and helps her community to stay strong & informed: Check her out! The London Bike Kitchen!


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