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who to help: fight racism, donate, vote, petition, take action and volunteer


By: Candice Kumai

organizations and places to donate below be a part of the solution and rise. I have donated time//resources to just about each of these organizations below:+ promise I’ll do my part, too: 

A link from my original story at Chopra.com:

Help Educate on Culture  to Fight Racism + Fight Xenophobia: 

Let’s Fight Racism, Now with the UN

#HateIsAVirus Campaign

The Boys and Girls Club

Info where our community needs immediate help: 

Uptown Grand Central


For families in need of immediate food: 


City Harvest

Feeding America 


Look to your local food bank, local community and state officials for more on what you can do in your community. 


If you want to volunteer to children and parents in need: 

No Hungry Kid




To Help our Frontline Healthcare Workers: 

Protect the Heroes

100 Million Mask Challenge 

NYU Langone Giving


To Help our Chefs//Restaurant Culture: 

World Central Kitchen #ChefsForAmerica

Chefs For America

Petition to Save Chefs/Restaurants 


To help our Animals +Wildlife: 

Sign Petitions to change big agriculture + stop wet markets: They make a difference!

Peta to Stop Wet Markets 

Stop Wet Markets Change.org

UN Ban Wet Markets Change.org 


Homeless Shelters + The Homeless Need your Help: 

COVID-19 Sanitation Kit for the Homeless Community organized by Shaivi Shah

The Bowery Mission: Donate Goods

God’s Love We Deliver


Meals on Wheels for Seniors:  

Meals on Wheels America


Animal Shelters need your help: 

ASPCA Donation 

Best Friends


Easy Nationwide places to volunteer, give, donate The Salvation Army:  

Salvation Army


The American Red Cross/Blood Donors

Red Cross


More local and small business help/support of business: Buy gift cards to use in the future for them! + be sure to reach out to someone in need each week and ask them how their day is and//or how you can help. 


PS To my New York, you’ll always be my first and greatest love, thank you for the light the darkness and all of the in between, you made me who I am today. I miss you. I love you. 


 xxx with love and all my grace, Candice Kumai @CandiceKumai


Candice kumai bio:

Named “the golden girl of wellness” by Forbes and Elle, Candice Kumai is a classically trained chef, and journalist; Candice has by-lines in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Bon Appétit, Yoga Journal and Well + Good. She is a six-time best-selling author. Her new book, Kintsugi Wellness, has been published in 10 languages across the globe. Candice is the former editor-at-large at Shape and Men’s Journal and a former columnist at Men’s Health and Women’s Health. 

Candice is a regular on the Today Show, E! News, and Dr. Oz. She hosts a weekly podcast called Wabi Sabi, and her documentary Kintsugi comes out summer 2020. Follow Candice on TikTok and Instagram.


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