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with love, end of summer xx



By: Candice Kumai

Hi friend, a happy + safe summer to you! how are you?

this month, I’m here to help you; stay calm, focused and to weather the storms of the year- from making my signature matcha chocolate chip cookies with selena gomez on her new HBO MAX show (more on that below!) to introducing new, calming matcha beauty powder, bowls and whisks you can buy below!

I’ve shared some new recipes, free tips + how to balance this summer — I understand how tough the job losses, the struggles, the arguments and the changes have effected each of us — I’ve got you + I know things will and can get better! I believe in you!!

a few things that have helped me in this time:

– workout 20-30 min each day, commit to phone calls with friends, zoom with your work team as much as possible, know that arguments + changes will happen, accept the times, be flexible, find peace in: essential oils, audible, cleaning your home + baking with me!

with love + matcha cookies xx ck




Chefs Angelo Sosa, Antonia Lofaso, Candice Kumai, Daniel Holzman, Jon & Vinny, Ludo Lefebvre, Nancy Silverton, Nyesha Arrington, Roy Choi and Tanya Holland work as Selena’s teachers, showing + instructing Selena how to make some of our personal faves at home. 

In each show episode we donate to a food-related charity. “Having some of the best chefs open up their kitchens to me was a humbling and fun experience,” Gomez said in a statement. “I definitely discovered I have a lot more to learn. I’m also really happy that we were able to highlight and raise money for some incredible charitable organizations.” – Selena says. We hope you can look up HBO MAX now and subscribe to watch! xx

matcha beauty powder

the secret to a youthful glow

say hello to radiance, clean focus + energy! with zero added sugar, the matcha beauty powder, rich in antioxidants, vitamin C + E, tastes like a coconut matcha latte

latest exclusives

the matcha shoppe has been stocked with your matcha faves! for years you’ve been asking me for recommendations of the best chawans and chasens to enhance your experience, creating a ritual out of our daily matcha. hop to now to order new faves!

another one of your highly requested favorites: my signature matcha cookies! these super most delicious cookies are vegan and perfected by yours truly – you won’t be able to eat only one.

Matcha Bowl (Chawan)
Matcha Whisk (Chasen)
Matcha Beauty Cookies

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