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with love, time + space xx


By: Candice Kumai

tokyo to nyc

finding heart ♥️ space in between
tokyo to nyc was the first flight mom took to come marry dad in the US. her final heart space destination.
a lot happened in one year, being out of the city made me appreciate friends, conversations, affection, connection + growth.
I know all of this looks so glam girls, but it takes a courageous and brave heart to do this kind of work.
reporting, writing, producing, directing: both sides of the camera… there are no breaks. the classiest ones don’t speak of their struggles.
don’t forget to be kind & check in w those who work hard… social gives us this perception of perfection ..

when in fact, we’re all human + just doing our best. & can’t wait to find my final destination

within my ♥️ space… there’s a beautiful lingering patience between the travel I’ve been learning to appreciate. + the meetings, the smiles, the laughs, the matcha ice cream, the whisky nights & all my high heels//hot mini skirts.. girls, please do enjoy every moment.

while sitting at my NY desk.. I think I’m really excited & ready for my next 10 years into better journalism. I honour this job, this title + this time. be the change you wish to see.

Ganbatte, ne.
until then… I’ll see you back in NYC working with @japansociety_nyc & with American Vogue in Tokyo coming soon. xxx with love, time + space 💕 ck

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