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Women We LOVE: Julie Morris

Inspiration > business

By: Candice Kumai

I love my community of powerful female chefs, and I’m super excited about my amazing friend Julie Morris’ new book, Superfood Soups! If you haven’t seen her Superfood series of books, go buy them now!

Julie’s recipes are¬†amazing and healthy, and they’re delicious too. We are partners in crime fighting for a better, cleaner world and I love all of her work! And I know how hard it is to put a beautiful book together like this – she worked so hard and so long on it, so I am so proud to tell you all about it!

Her newest book hit shelves on September 6, just in time for fall – the BEST soup weather! Check out her Instagram for more natural food inspiration and buy a copy of her new book! Julie, we support + love you! xx ck


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