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Your Cleanest Earth Day Ever!

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

Happy Earth Day, green goddesses!

Our planet is our baby! Here are a few simple ways you can tread lighter everyday:

1. Eat Clean, which means eating more plants and less meat. A plant-based diet helps to save on carbon emissions (factory farming = methane gas). You can commit to making a choice to go vegetarian or vegan. Besides giving you more energy and making you feel amazing, going vegan/vegetarian is the best and simplest thing you can do for the planet. And it’s so much easier to achieve today than it may have been in the past.  Here’s why you should be eating more plant-based foods, including beans, legumes, and the next big thing, pulses they are a great source of protein, fiber, potassium, folate, antioxidants, and iron. Additionally, a plant-based diet is super affordable and can be prepped in so many versatile ways.

2. Re-useable Bags: I always carry reusable, sustainable cloth bags when shopping for food and everyday errands.

3. Walk, carpool, and use public transportation every day! A bonus of walking is not only being able to see the beauty in your neighborhood or city, but the calories you burn and the kick start to your metabolism when getting your heart rate up!

4. Shop at the Farmer’s Market: Buy local, buy organic, buy non-GMO, and buy non-processed foods.

5. Be mindful: Start doing your part to research where your food is coming from and how much gas you are guzzling. Use all natural products and cut back on meat consumption. Try living simple. Live clean!

6. Hang with like-minded, special people: Who make you feel amazing on the inside. Your contributions as a team, towards bettering the planet will make a difference.

7. Fix Shit: Like my sister at The London Bike Kitchen Says… “fix shit”, stop throwing everything away and replacing it.. fix your phone, your computer, your telly, your furniture etc…

8. Stop Using Roundup, Stop Buying Veggies Sprayed with Pesticides: It’s time to save and spare our beloved bees, there’s more you can do for them, by asking Monsanto to stop spreading their chemicals all over the planet. Your dollar is your vote. Purchase wisely! xxx ck

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